4 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Sins of the Common Core English Language Arts Standards

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  3. I am a parent of a 6th grader in Rockdale County. He has a Language Arts Class. I asked the teacher what works of literature they would be reading this year, she stated that he would not be reading any books in her class. She said that this would come from his reading class. He has no reading class. Only the gifted kids get a Program Challenge Reading Class, where their curriculum is Junior Great Books. All other students get Study Skills. Study Skills only involves completing math on Moby Max and Xtra Math. How is it possible that my 6th grader is expected to do absolutely no reading? How does the school expect students to go on and read works of literature in higher grades if they had absolutely no expectation to read in the 6th grade? How is Common Core or sorry Georgia Standards of Excellence helping our children?

    • Dear A. Barlay,

      This is most unfortunate for your child and for the other children in his class. These issues and many other literacy and memorization issues needs to be brought to the forefront of our state’s discourse on education. No wonder so many parents are pulling their children from traditional public school and enrolling them in public charter programs. We can’t claim “literacy first” when we don’t teach chapter books in elementary and middle school consistently.

      I feel for how the CC and GSE are impacting your child, but I am thankful that you probably have your child read at home, where many parents do not know to do so or do not have the skills or time to do so.

      Let’s keep talking about this,

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