The Ten Minute Teacher Vocabulary Games — Love It or Chunk It?

I’m on a quest for one hundred percent engagement.  If our kids were more interested in what we do at school, then they will perform better in our classes.  This vocabulary game is definitely fun, and it once again takes very little prep for the teacher.  You can even have a student help organize the game and make the clue balls.  Are you ready to learn how to facilitate Love it or Chunk it?

The Ten Minute Teacher Vocabulary Games — Vocabulary “Egg” Hunt

For the next few posts, I will be discussing some fun vocabulary games that I use with my high school students before vocabulary tests that do not involve the teacher spending an unrealistic amount of time getting it ready. These games can easily be adapted to any kind of test review, and your students will…

My Steampunk Chic Classroom Design

My third design wound up being my choice of themes — I call it Steampunk Chic.  Steampunk denotes Science Fiction and Victorian Romanticism with whimsy.  It is an artform that celebrates the absurd and the different.  It also relates so perfectly to the subjects I teach in Literature and Composition.  I would be able to incorporate authors, poetry, sea monsters, and robots all in the same room.  Chic denotes my desire to make it feminine and “me.”  I spent the good portion of May debating the color.  After surveying most of my friends around school, I decided to take their advice and paint it in my favorite color, so that being in this space would make me happy every day.  I chose Coral Passion from Valspar.  It does indeed make me happy every time I enter this space.