The Ten Minute Teacher Vocabulary Games — Vocabulary “Egg” Hunt

For the next few posts, I will be discussing some fun vocabulary games that I use with my high school students before vocabulary tests that do not involve the teacher spending an unrealistic amount of time getting it ready. These games can easily be adapted to any kind of test review, and your students will love them. It’s all about engagement!  We can make just about anything into a fun game.

Even though it is December, today we held a Vocabulary Egg Hunt that my students loved. This game takes very little teacher prep, and your students will love it. It is also good for kinesthetic learners or students who have ADHD or need to move.

To plan a Vocabulary Egg Hunt, come up with one clue for each word you need to review. You could also do history test questions, equations that need to be solved, or science clues for Bohr Models — anything students can answer without looking anything up.  The answers have to be in their brains.

Put one clue per sheet of paper. I usually split my class in two teams, so I do two different colors, one for each team, meaning I just hit the print button twice using two different colors of paper. In a bigger class, I would make more groups and have more colors (one color per group). Ball each clue up into a small ball. Hide them like Easter eggs all over the place. I like to do my Vocabulary Egg Hunts in the front of the school with the clues hidden everywhere outside. To save some time, you can have students in a different class help you hide the clues.

Before the Vocabulary Hunt starts, divide students into teams. I use groups of four to five students. You can have students draw cards for teams, pick numbers, do schoolyard picks, work in houses, or however you choose.

Establish your boundaries and rules. Be sure to start it like a race with “On your mark, get set, go!” The team with the most correct eggs in the least amount of time wins. This is a great way to get out of the classroom and into some fun while still learning!

Happy Vocabulary Egg Hunting,


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